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Washington Post Piece on Jack Abramoff


The Washington Post has an interesting profile of Jack Abramoff this morning. While the article is a well-written piece that details Abramhoff’s background quite well, it seems a little short on criticism of how Abramhoff’s kind of lobbying has become increasingly prevalent in Washington. It also seems to do less than it should to connect Abramhoff directly to the Delay operation, as Josh Marshall points out.

One of the most remarkable quotations comes from Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher:

“I think he’s been dealt a bad hand and the worst, rawest deal I’ve ever seen in my life. Words like bribery are being used to describe things that happened every day in Washington and are not bribes.”

Alan Simpson, former Wyoming Senator

in Washington during the last big congressional scandal — the Abscam FBI sting in the late 1970s and early 1980s, in which six House members and one senator were convicted — said the Abramoff case looks bigger. Simpson said he recently rode in a plane with one of Abramoff’s attorneys, who told him: “There are going to be guys in your former line of work who are going to be taken down.”

Our dear Senator Conrad Burns does get a couple of mentions in the article. The story repeats his lame ‘bad guy’ defense, after mentioning that Connie is one of a few legislators the Abramhoff task force is looking into.

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