Tester, Morrison Gain Ground on Burns


Some encouraging signs from a Gazette State Pollabout the Senate race.

Burns leads Morrison 46-40, down from 49-34 in May, and leads Tester 49-35, down from 50-26.

A couple of thoughts about the poll:

  • It’s vaguely terrifying that 52 per cent of Montana voters don’t recognize the president of the Senate.
  • Brad Coker, should stick to polling. His analysis of legislative leaders was just snarky–and probably not terribly well-informed, as a general rule.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how Morrison proponents use the poll. Electability has seemed to be the main argument for Morrison thus far, as he hasn’t exactly extended himself taking positions on many issues.
  • It looks like Connie is in for a tough race.

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