Domestic Spying by the Military


William Arkin at the Washington Post has a great post about the increasing role of the military in domestic spying operations. Arkin builds on earlier work by Walter Pinucs of the Post, who wriote about the three year old Pentagon Counterintelligence Field Activity, an effort to coordinate Pentagon security efforts.

Arkin argues that the operations are part of the Bush Administration mindset that anything goes in the ‘war on terror’:

It is this assumption that everything is potential actionable intelligence that has led to renditions and torture and secrets prisons abroad. Now in the United States, it is contributing to an ever growing domestic military, intelligence and law enforcement triangle. I’m torn between saying that these homeland security goons are a menace and suggesting that perhaps if they are so gung ho they should get on the next plane and employ their fabulous talents in Iraq.

In defense of freedom, we have military intelligence agents, operating domestically, who have:

  • investigated a Quaker anti-war group,
  • infiltrated protest groups,
  • and spied on Americans exercising the most fundamental right of the Bill of Rights.
  • At what point have the terrorists won, George?

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