Iraq War: US Victory in the Paralympic Games


It’s impossible not to admire the courage of the soliders described in this story in the London Times, but that can’t overcome the sickening sense of waste linked to Bush’s War in Iraq. According to the article, of the 16,000 American casualties in the Iraq debacle, over 400 are amputees–and many are hoping to compete in the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008:

The unprecedented number of troops who are returning from Iraq with missing limbs has given the US Paralympic Team an unexpected recruitment boost and the chance to become “unbeatable” at the next Games in Beijing in 2008. More than 60 potential recruits have already been identified in sports as varied as powerlifting, archery and table tennis.

No one calls into question the courage and determination of the young men and women serving in Iraq, but their courage cannot be a justification to continue this senseless destruction of lives and bodies.


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