Dean and the Iraq War


Jeremy Scahill, in piece at Common Dreams News Center, makes one of the most absurd arguments I have heard about Democrats and the Iraq war.

He claims,

The refrain of the Democrats about being misled into supporting the invasion of Iraq has become really tired. And someone other than the White House smearmongers needs to say it: The Democrats cannot be allowed to use faulty intelligence as a crutch to hold up their unforgivable support for the Iraq invasion.

Specifically, he attacks Howard Dean for having said that the US needed to remove weapons of mass destruction from Iraq. Apparently, Scahill (and Republicans) believe that somehow a governor from Vermomt should have known as much about the situation in Iraq as someone with access to classified intelligence reports.

I agree with Scahill’s broader argument, when he claims that, in many ways, the Democratic Party is responsible for the war in Iraq. he claims,

the Democrats are not an opposition party, nor are they an antiwar party-never were. At best, they are a loyal opposition

The Kerry campaign decision to run as Bush-light was a disaster. The abrogation of responsibility by the Democratic Party in the runup to the war is a shame. But to suggest that Democrats are equally culpable, or should have been as informed as the Administration, who deliberately manipulated intelligence in support of the war is absurd.

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