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Sirota Continues His Quixotic Quest To Deify Sherrod Brown…


Memo to David Sirota:

Relax. There’s plenty of time to smear Paul Hackett by insinuation and innuendo before the primary, which is SIX MONTHS AWAY..

This evening, we’re treated to the following “update“:

The paper should have reported that Brown has been working to pass the reforms on the ballot, and that announcing your own campaign during the last few weeks of a bigger statewide campaign could be interpreted in some quarters as selfish…and that putting off your announcement until that campaign is over is being a team player…

Hmm…I wonder in whose quarters announcing would seem selfish? It’s just cheap and childish…if you want to call Hackett selfish for announcing his candidacy during the last few weeks of statewide initiatives, just do it. Could it be that announcing your intention to reverse your initial pledge not to run was also a distraction? Sure, but neither Brown’s decision, nor Hackett’s, were selfish. They’re both just trying to best position themselves for the race.

Nothing ‘selfish’ about that.

Both Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett are credits to the Democratic Party, and both deserve fair treatment in their quest to be elected. No one can fault someone for favoring one over the other, but let’s all be above board in our reasoning.


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