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I am not surprised by this, especially in light of some of the college Republicans I met in college. The Nation has posted an article by Clarisse Profilet concerning the “young chickenhawks.” Apparently, officials of college Republican organizations have been pushing the war and the Bush agenda, despite no intention to serve in the military themselves. Excuse me? My guess is that these same folks would criticize others for their lack of military service, should push come to shove.

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Chris Hill
Chris Hill

This article was of the poorest journalistic quality. Here is what I wrote The Nation in response (although they have yet to print a correction): —- Dear Editor, Regarding your October 12th article in which you quoted me (The Young Chickenhawks), your reporting is ignorantly poor at best. You seem to make assumptions without taking people – namely me – at their word. I WAS in the Navy ROTC program because since then I have graduated and been commissioned an officer in the United States Navy. I am going into naval aviation (read: high potential for combat situations). It just… Read more »

Chris Hill
Chris Hill

Jason, Thank you for your questions. I joined Navy ROTC during spring semester 2001 (I was in Air Force ROTC the prior semester, but was rejected for medical reasons – desiring to serve, I was able to get the Navy to give me a waiver). This was before 9/11. It was my intention the entire time to serve in aviation since I thought it would be the best place that I could be effective. After September 11th happened, I would have gone over to Afghanistan (or Iraq later) in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. However, I was not given… Read more »

Chris Hill
Chris Hill

Oh, almost forgot… Yes, the quotations were incorrect.

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