How in the hell did Karen Hughes become an Undersecretary of State?

Could this work to turn around anti-American hostility? In the regional press, editorial skepticism, if not hostility, greeted Hughes’ first overseas trip in her new role. “The Arab world is tired of U.S. hurricanes,” said an editorial in Asharq, a Qatar daily. “It hopes that Hurricane Hughes will be the last one.”

That Michael Brown resume screening process is still working out a few kinks, I guess.

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  1. Bill Diamond from Huffington Post caught this precious moment between the “U.S. Undersecretary of State for Making Us Not Look So Bad” and some Turkish kids. She is holding a book about US Presidents, and guess who is on the cover?

  2. I don’t mean to monopolize the comments on this post, but I feel that I have to express my absolute frustration at the condescension of this administration. Who are the people that keep giving information to Bush & Co like: if you send a lackey over to Muslim countries under a made up official title who lectures people on how great the occupying force of the US is then people will drop their understandible animosity toward you. I am surprised that they haven’t come up with a debit card give-away for the Middle East, too. Because, you know, if we could only buy their love, everything would be okay.

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