While the Republican Spin Machine Fires Up…


So, the Republican spin on Katrina basically has four levels:

1) George Bush is a strong, confident leader
2) We couldn’t have known the storm was going to be this bad
3) People who stayed in New Orleans should have left
4) It’s all the fault of local and state officials anyway

I think the flaws in those lines of thinking has been exposed here and in countless other places, but one issue stands out. I’m just terribly confused. How can FEMA Director Mike Brown’s claim that no one could have anticipated the impact of the storm, and his comment (along with Chertoff’s) that the people of New Orleans all should have evacuated both be true?

I mean, FEMA apparently didn’t think that the storm was going to be bad enough to prepare in advance…why in the world would people with limited financial resources and opportunities evacuate?

It’s time for accountability. For Mike Brown, and for the person who hired an incompetent to head this critical agency.

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