Great Moment on Fascists and Friends This Morning


A brief note about one of those very awkward Faux News moments… This morning, the crack investigative staff on Fox and Friends was interviewing a former CIA agent about the terrorism investigation in England. Clearly, this guest was a sympathetic guest whose views on politics seemed well-known.

Assuming that he would follow the party line, one of the Fauxcasters asked a leading question about the Valerie Plame case–suggesting that she wasn’t really covert. The guest, rightly, suggested that it was a very dangerous precedent to be in the position of outing any former/current CIA operatives. Stunned silence followed.

It’s kind of exciting, actually. Like watching water boil, one almost never gets to actually see a moment of truth on Faux. I’m speechless.


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Don Pogreba

Don Pogreba is a eighteen-year teacher of English, former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.

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