Who Are We?

Don Pogreba

A life-long Montanan, teacher, and supporter of Democrat and Left politics since I was child forlornly supporting Jimmy Carter’s re-election campaign back when I was in elementary school. I am concerned that the Democratic Party has lost its soul in its acquiescence to big business, the military, and social conservatives, but am encouraged by the development of authentic, progressive voices in our party. I think that we need to be proud of the rich Democratic tradition of helping those who need help, using the military as a last resort, and remembering that the worker is as, if not more, important than the owner of the business.

I spend far too many hours of my life working at school and on my small business, Big Sky Debate. The best way to get a sense of who I am might be best found by what I am reading.

The Polish Wolf

I currently work as a tutor for the Helena School District. I grew up in Helena but only recently returned from Seattle, so I tend to have trouble sticking only to Montana stories. After some time in Poland and some studying international politics, I’ve become a stronger proponent of the US in general, while seeing all the more clearly the folly of some of our policies. I lean towards international stories and have a tendency to ramble, but I suppose y’all will notice that reading my posts. I’m honored to be writing alongside Pogie and mostly hope not to detract from his excellent reporting!

If you really actually want to contact me (as opposed to simply disagree with me or complain about something, which you are more than welcome to do on the comment pages), my email is [email protected]

M. Storin

Send your political gossip and tips to [email protected]

Tyler Evilsizer

Raised in Helena, I’m particularly passionate about the environment, transparency, and explaining wonky budget policy. The views expressed are mine alone. If you want to contact me, email [email protected].


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  • Hello,
    my name is Paul Pangman and I am a producer at the Purple States Project. I am trying to recruit VLoggers for a user-generated news website that will be launching on purplestates.tv . What we are looking for is people from all 50 states to make a VLog about the economy. This is obviously a very important time in the history of our country and we want to make sure that the story is told by the people experiencing it. I was hoping you would consider being our correspondent from Montana. If you are interested, we will pay you $50 for your VLog. We have arrangements with several major media platforms to promote and support this project so your message will be heard loud and clear. If this sounds like something you might like to do, please read on.
    First, I was hoping you could just answer a few questions about yourself for me:
    1) your age
    2) what do you do for a living
    3) what is your political affiliation (if any)
    4) where are you from in Montana

    Anything else that you would like to add is up to you. I hope that you like the sound of this project because we would love to have you be a part of it. If you are inspired to proceed, just let me know and I will get you further instructions.

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