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Tester leads Rehberg in latest poll


For months, Erik Iverson, campaign manger for Denny Rehberg has touted three polls showing Rehberg with a small two point lead in the U.S. Senate race.  Obviously, two points isn’t much to brag about – it’s inside the margin of error and doesn’t even factor in the two Libertarians now running for Senate.

It’ll be interesting to see Iveron try to spin the latest PPP Poll, which shows Tester leading Rehberg 48% to 43%.

The numbers get worse for Developer Denny when you look at Independents who now favor Tester 48% to 36%.  That’s huge.

The PPP Poll also took a look at the Democratic Congressional primary. Results:

Gillan is the modest early favorite to win the Democratic nomination. She’s at 21% to 13% for Diane Smith, 11% for Wilmer, 9% for Dave Strohmaier, 4% for Sam Rankin, 1% for Rob Stutz, and 0% for Jason Ward. Just like in the general election match ups though the big winner is undecided- 41% don’t yet know how they’ll vote.

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